Tech F1i: Keeping cool in Bahrain

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To complete its aerodynamic evolution initiated in Australia, Force India has tested in a new front wing, mounted only on the car of Sergio Perez. Since the evaluation was not positive, the new element was not used in the race.

By simplifying, the new version is inspired by Ferrari for the main plane and McLaren for the upper flaps. Always consisting of two parts, the main plane is curved at the junction with the neutral section (compare the white arrows), as on the wing of the Ferrari SF70H. As for the flaps, they are flatter and have dents (yellow arrows), as on the wings recently produced by McLaren. The trailing edges of these flaps handle the Y250 vortex.

Finally, the cascade winglets, located above the main plane, have been remodelled. The profile of the “R” cascade is thus more curved (pink arrows).