Tech F1i - Canada signals second phase of 2018 engine war

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In Montreal, the six drivers powered by a Renault V6 Hybrid were handed the second specification of the RE18. Specifically, they all received a new engine, a new MGU-H and – with the exception of Fernando Alonso – a new turbocharger.

On the combustion engine, the French engineers have changed the design of the inlet trumpets. The modification was developed at Viry from the new fuel developed by BP, which supplies the factory team. It seems that the gain it provides is less important on blocks consuming Mobil fuel, as is the case at Red Bull.

The power gain, estimated at about twenty horsepower according to Renault Engine Technical Director Rémi Taffin, is a crucial element in the decision that will determine whether Red Bull prolongs its partnership with Renault or not (among other considerations, including household economics: by choosing Honda, the team would get its engines for free while it must pay for its current blocks). The extent of progress of the Renault V6 will also influence Daniel Ricciardo’s decision whether to stay in Milton Keynes or move on to new pastures.

When dismantling the Australian’s engine, we could see the French V6’s plenum. Partly hidden by the hand of a mechanic, the red cap covers one of the two openings (one on each side) through which the compressed and cooled air enters. This is then led to the intake manifold, which provides each cylinder with the necessary amount of air.

According to Taffin, le next specification will be introduced in Monza: “We are already working on the next evolution, which will take place after the summer factory shutdown,” he told France's Auto Hebdo.