Tech F1i - Canada signals second phase of 2018 engine war

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As announced, the Haas team has made many changes to the VF-18, equipped with new bargeboards. More sophisticated, they are now attached to the monocoque (see the red arrows) as on the McLaren, and have small vertical vanes, as do Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull (yellow arrows).

It is not surprising that the bargeboards are often altered on F1 cars (McLaren modified them in Bahrain and Barcelona, Toro Rosso in Bahrain and Monaco, Force India in Baku, Red Bull in Spain – and Renault in Montreal as well):

“It’s a very fluid area," explained Andrew Green, Force India Technical Director. "It is also a cost effective area to develop, because while it may be complex it’s not very structural so it can be manufactured quickly and we can develop that area quite rapidly.”