Button not thinking too far ahead

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As he endures the incessant turmoil and tribulations of the McLaren-Honda partnership this season, Jenson Button refuses to write-off the season altogether and set his sights on 2016.

The former World Champion signed a two-year contract renewal with McLaren at the end of 2014, but it has emerged that Button's second season is dependent on McLaren exercising an option. The 35-year-old British driver is therefore no longer the sole master of his F1 destiny.

But even given the conditionality of his situation, and with reserve drivers Kevin Magnussen and Stoffel Vandoorne waiting in the wings, Button is still reluctant to focus on his near-term future.

I don't think either Fernando or myself are thinking about the future just now," Button told Autosport. "We're thinking about now and how to improve things. I'm not thinking that in three years' time we're going to win the title because I don't know what is going to happen."

"It is wrong to think so far ahead. You have to think in the moment and to change things, we need to keep our head down and not look too far forward. We know next year will be a better year and the year after will hopefully be better but who knows how good. No one knows."

"It is important we just keep pushing and focus on now," Button concluded.

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