Renault boss critical of Red Bull attitude


Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn has all but confirmed the manufacturer's split with Formula 1 partners Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso, while also slamming the former for its unsportsmanlike attitude.

Speaking at the Frankfurt auto show, Ghosn confirmed that Renault is "renegotiating" its contract with Red Bull with a premature end to its engine partnership with the energy drink company as the most probable outcome.

While Renault is expected to announce its return to F1 as fully works team following a buy-out of Lotus, Carlos Ghosn gave no hint of the sort when speaking on the matter.

“Our future is the subject of detailed analysis and renegotiating. We will either exit or run our own team. We don't have a clear decision yet,” he said.

The Renault boss did however chide Red Bull for its very public and critical stance regarding Renault's appalling engine performance this season.

"It is not a question whether the criticism is fair or not, it is a question of sportsmanship. A team should win and lose together. What has been said is a question of sportsmanship. Again I say, you should win and lose together."

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