Hulkenberg wants reduced practice in F1

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Nico Hulkenberg believes it would be better for F1 if there was less practice time for drivers on a race weekend.

The current format sees team get two practice sessions of 90 minutes each during Friday before a third one-hour session on Saturday morning ahead of qualifying. With four hours of track time before the first competitive laps, Hulkenberg says it would be more of a challenge for drivers if they had less preparation.

Following a Friday of wet running ahead of a predicted dry race at Suzuka, when asked if he likes the challenge of adapting on Saturday, Hulkenberg replied: "I think it's good, yeah.

"I’m sometimes of the opinion we have too much practice in Formula One. Two times 90 minutes and then on Saturday another hour, it’s a lot of practice. I think I would find it personally more interesting if we had a lot less like in GP2.

"Maybe not quite as little where you only have half an hour and then you get thrown in to the water, also then there’s a lot more emphasis and focus on the driver. Because here, sometimes if you struggle you have so much practice to get around it it’s maybe too much.”

However, Hulkenberg doesn't believe any other part of the race weekend should change, saying three days is required to build up to the main event of one race.

“No, I think we should keep it to one grand prix because there’s one main thing, one highlight. It’s mainly just about practice.”

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