Kvyat still wary of team mate Sainz

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Dany Kvyat won't commit to working on track with team mate Carlos Sainz this weekend after a disagreement in Canada soured the relationship between the Toro Rosso pair.

Sainz criticsed the Russian for "not respecting" team arrangements in Montreal for when they tow each other during qualifying runs.

Kvyat insisted however that Toro Rosso's policy called for each driver to take turns slipstreaming in the tow of the other, and that the rotation made him the beneficiary in Canada.

"He's just seeing a ghost behind the corners," Kvyat said about his team mate's remarks.

"We are rotating, that's how our strategy works: one race I'm behind, the next race he's behind.

"In Baku he would have been getting a tow but now I'm not sure I really want to collaborate in qualifying anymore. From my side everything is clear as the sky, absolutely clear.

"If he has some questions to me, he's more than free to come and talk to me, if he's brave enough. If he's not brave enough, he'll come and talk to you guys and send hidden messages to the media all the time."

As for Sainz, the Spaniard was mum on the subject, insisting the dirty laundry had been washed in private and that the subject was closed.

"I prefer not to talk [about it]," said Sainz.

"That will stay inside the team. I expressed my opinion and my thoughts about the situation, which at the point I thought it was clearly unfair towards me, especially in this kind of track.

"I expressed them, discussed them and now we have forgotten about it and found a solution for that. We are happy [going forward]."

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