Kvyat hindered by Toro Rosso reliability woes

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Dany Kvyat believes his season has been undermined so far by frequent reliability issues which are undermining his efforts at Toro Rosso.

The Russian driver is trying to convince his employers and F1 that he is worthy of remaining at the pinnacle of motorsport.

But with just four points scored this year - compared to 29 for team mate Carlos Sainz, and with three terminal mechanical failures in eight races, Kvyat feels hindered and wants his team to get on top of the problems. 

"I’m slightly concerned that issues that I’m having are not letting me to show my full potential,” Kvyat said.

"For sure I would not like to continue like this. I will ask the team now to investigate everything, because I’m not, let's say, extremely happy.

"I do everything I can and, you know, it is very frustrating." 

Kvyat registered another DNF in Azerbaijan last weekend, and insists the retirement due to an electrical problem likely deprived him of a good set of points as he was racing at his best. 

"Perfect Friday, perfect Saturday. Starts, still need to work on them, but we were anyway in the mix after that.

"Of course it was free points for everyone who finished, basically. I was watching the race with [a] heavy heart, to be honest.

"Every time this kind of race happens, my car shuts itself or they give me three penalties in a row or something like that."

"Everything was going on and I was like 'argh, there's another position for free, here is another one, here I could have already been third'. And I'm just sitting there watching the race.

"It’s so frustrating. Seems like since I came to Toro Rosso that is the story. And I want it to change as fast as possible."

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