F1 teams consider lobbying UK government as hard Brexit looms

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Formula 1 teams based in the UK are hoping an initiative by Britain's motorsport governing body will help alleviate their fears linked to a hard Brexit.

David Richards, the head of the Motorsport UK, along with three F1 teams - one of which is one of the biggest teams in the sport - are considering making an approach to Prime Minister Theresa May to express their fears of the potential consequences of a no-deal Brexit, with March 29 set as the crunch date for the event.

A hard exit would seriously complicate the F1 teams' task in terms of customs requirements linked to European races, with nine of the ten Grand Prix taking place on the continent between mid-May and September.

Adding to the issue are worries linked to hiring qualified staff from Europe as well as the costs of importing and exporting products and services.

"Something we should be so proud of is the top F1 teams and world champions based here," said Richards, speaking at last weekend's Autosport International Show.

"And we’re going to make their lives difficult. We’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen."

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