Renault expecting drivers 'to push' thanks to fuel and tyres

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An increase in fuel allowance and harder tyres in F1 should allow drivers to race hard from start to finish this year says Renault F1 executive director Marcin Budkowski.

In the past couple of seasons, fuel consumption has often been an issue on race day, mainly because of the higher downforce levels introduced in 2017 and the subsequent faster lap times.

This year will see race fuel allowance increase from 105kg to 110kg to help drivers exploit the full might of their engine power from lights out to the checkered flag, at least at specific.

"There were a number of races, even last year, [where] people were not taking 105kg but were taking even less because the disadvantage of carrying more fuel is that the car is slower because the weight of the car is higher," Budkowski explained.

"It’s always a compromise between the quantity of fuel. But there were a number of races where even at 105kg, fueling completely the tank, wouldn’t allow you to race properly and the amount of fuel saving that teams had to do during the race was very significant.

"Couple this with some tyre saving, and obviously there was a number of races where the drivers were really managing the pace rather than pushing the car."

In addition to the increase in fuel allowance for 2019, a more conservative approach to compound selection by Pirelli should also contribute to a driver's ability to race at full capacity on Sunday's.

"The steps that have been taken in terms of increasing the fuel capacity should allow, at these specific races, the drivers to push as hard as they want to push," added Budkowski.

"Couple that with the tyre choices which are probably a bit more conservative than last year, there will be less tyre saving.

"The issue here is that we are going to have a lot of one-stop races, I think most of the races will be one-stop races this year, but on the other hand, the drivers will be able to push on the tyres rather than not."

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