Brawn wants all F1 teams onboard for second Netflix series

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Formula 1 sporting manager Ross Brawn wants all ten teams to feature in the second season of the exclusive Netflix series 'Drive to Survive'.

The 10-part series which was produced by F1 and premiere's on Netflix on Friday chronicles the 2018 season, but unfortunately there are a few absentees in the docu-series.

Mercedes, which refused to provide access to the producer's crews, is nowhere to be seen, while Ferrari makes only a brief appearance at the end of the season.

Fans have already expressed their disappointment with both teams' attitude, compelling Brawn to make sure that everyone takes part in the second season of 'Drive to Survive', with filming having started in Barcelona during pre-season testing.

"I think this sport is able to grow, and it will grow quicker if all the teams are part of that process, there's no doubt," said Brawn, speaking this week at a launch event for the series.

"I think the teams are starting to recognise that their involvement is not just on the track, there's an involvement in everywhere we can improve the sport.

"Maybe not every team is reaching that conclusion at the same time, but they are all reaching that conclusion. I think we'll see another step forward in 2019."

After watching the first two episodes of the series which takes a "fly on the wall" approach to the F1 season's narrative, Brawn underlined the importance of the people involved in F1 and how their stories appeal to the sport's fans.

"The human side has always been fascinating and all of us have been involved in that side," explained the former Ferrari and Mercedes technical director.

"Certainly now that I'm away from a team I've felt that that would be a fascinating story because there is so much emotion of the whole team – the individuals, the mechanics, the engineers, the family.

"I know from my own family how much they suffer and how much pleasure they get on both sides. And you could see that in the film."

Brawn contends that, beyond Formula 1's exhilarating sights and sounds, and thrills and spills, the sport also draws its passion from the fact that the fans care about the people.

"Since we've started this new era, one of the things that's come across very strongly from the fans is that they want to understand about the drivers, they want to understand what goes on," he added.

“There’s a fascination in why these guys are so special. What is it that makes them exceptional. I think in both those episodes we saw different aspects of F1.

"I particularly liked the second one – the Sainz and Alonso chemistry that was there. Those are things that you just don't necessarily see or feel."

Production has started on a second season of 'Drive to Survive', but discussions with the teams is still ongoing according to F1's head of marketing Elie Norman.

"Conversations are happening at the moment with all of the teams with regards to filming of Season 2," she said.

"Box to Box were filming in Barcelona testing and they will be in Melbourne, and obviously we would love to have all teams involved and signed up."

Will Mercedes - and especially Lewis Hamilton - get onboard for 2019?

"Part of it was taking the Netflix opportunity to all the teams, and we understand and appreciate that if they're looking at a schedule, they've got other activities going on," added Norman.

"I think particularly Mercedes have an awful lot going on with a driver who is into fashion, into music – it was just too much for them to take on at that time."

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