Hamilton and Vettel rubbish 'bullshit' reverse-grid idea

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Formula 1's chiefs are doing their best to inject unpredictability into the sport, but the idea of reverse-grid races has drawn a strong negative reaction from Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

As Liberty Media searches for ways to spice up the action in the future, the idea of trialing the concept of a reverse-grid qualifying race in 2020 has emerged.

Asked about their view on the scheme, Hamilton and Vettel both gave it a clear thumbs down.

"I don't really know what to say," said Hamilton, baffled by the potential plan.

"The people that proposed that don't really know what they are talking about."

Vettel was even more explicit than the Mercedes driver, insisting such an initiative was not the right approach to improve the show on the track.

"I think it is complete bullshit, to be honest," said the Ferrari driver.

"I think we know that if we want to improve things it is very clear we need to string the field more together, we need to have better racing. It is just a plaster.

"I don't know which genius came up with it, but it is not the solution. It is completely the wrong approach."

Singapore Grand Prix poleman Charles Leclerc was very much against the idea of securing pole only to start a race dead last.

"I would not be happy," he admitted. "I am a lot happier to start first tomorrow but I don't think it is the solution for Formula 1.

"The best should win and start in the best place. And not reverse that order. I don't think it is the solution."

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