Epstein: Promoters fully supportive of F1's Ross Brawn

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Circuit of the Americas boss Bobby Epstein says that F1 promoters have "a lot of confidence" in Formula 1 chief Ross Brawn's efforts to guide the sport into the future.

Formula 1, the FIA and the teams met last week to review one last time Grand Prix racing's 2021 regulations, the final version of which will be published at the end of October.

For over a year, Brawn and his team of experts, led by former Renault and Williams technical director Pat Symonds, have conducted extensive research and aerodynamic studies destined to create a regulation blueprint that will hopefully level the playing field and improve the spectacle on the track.

As the promoter of the US Grand Prix in Austin, Epstein and his fellow promoters have naturally taken a keen interest in F1's plans for the future.

"We actually have a lot of confidence in Ross Brawn," Epstein told RACER.

"I think that’s a shared feeling across the sport on behalf of the fans and the promoters, and so I think F1’s very, very aware of their challenges."

Unsurprisingly, Epstein said the crux of the matter for F1 will be the ability of the sport's new rules to allow for closer racing and more overtaking up and down the field.

"I don’t think they anticipated such a turbulence when they came up with the latest iteration of rules," Epstein said, referring to F1's introduction of wider and simplified wings at the start of the 2019 season.

"It will hopefully be corrected next time around, but I don’t think they anticipated this kind of wake or turbulence behind the lead car and that it would be so hard to overtake.

"So once they correct that issue alone I think we’re going to see an improvement, and then the modifications to the cars beyond that, it’s going to be some good racing."

While F1's promoters have been attentive to Brawn's efforts and encouraged by what they've head so far, Epstein insisted there has been no contribution on their part.

"We’re informed after the fact, completely!" said the American.

"There’s no input from the promoters that I know of, but I don’t know all the promoters. It’s between the sport and the teams."

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