Magneti Marelli working to pump up F1 volume

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Following the FIA's will decree to enhance the sound of the current crop of F1 cars, Italian company company Magneti Marelli is working on several systems to achieve a volume boost this year.

The muffled and muted sound of F1 cars has been a bone of contention amongst F1 pundits since the introduction of theV6 turbo hybrid engine rules in 2014.

The majority of fans and members of the F1 community regret the days of the strident and piercing howl of the preceding generation of Grand Prix machines.

Following a thorough analysis of the issue at the FIA's demand, Magneti Marelli has focused its efforts on correcting two main problems.

"We found that we miss two things," explained Roberto Dalla, the sporting chief of Magneti Marelli. "Firstly there is the amplitude, secondly there is the high frequency."

According to Dalla, the latter issue has been practically solved with the mandatory introduction of a two-pipe (or three-pipe, depending on a team's preference) exhaust system that will separate the exhaust outlet from the wastegate.

"The aim is to keep the gas aloof from the turbine, because it works as a filter for high frequencies," added Andrea Dappiano, the project manager for hybrid systems at Magneti Marelli.

"That will result in higher frequency and in more noise."

While a series of modifications will be introduced this year, further changes are expected to be implemented in 2017 when engine rules are set for a major technical overhaul.

"We will support the FIA and continue our investigations"promised Dalla.

"What the FIA has to do is to discuss the possibilities with the teams to find the correct balance between the increase of the sound and the loss of performance."

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