Norris planning to sport 'one special lid' at every race!


Lando Norris will be stocking up on helmets this season, the McLaren driver unveiling in Bahrain a special lid for pre-season testing that will hopefully be followed by 23 other "special" designs.

Last year, Formula 1 scrapped a rule that restricted drivers to just two helmet livery changes over the course of the season.

Giving free reign to his creativity, Norris took advantage of the regulation tweak, introducing several striking designs, including his famous "pizza" motif showcased at the Tuscan GP.

Speaking ahead of pre-season testing as he unpacked the helmet he'll be using this weekend, the McLaren revealed that he intends to swap liveries at every single race, with each one designed around his same personal basic concept by various artists from around the world.

"I’m planning to hopefully try and have one new special every race," he told

"I have them all on my wall at home. They’re one thing I get to remember every race by, there’s something about them.

"Now we can mix it up a bit more, and I can have some more exaggerated designs and more custom and colourful and stuff like that.

"I’ll still be keeping with the same concept of what I have, because that’s still me.

But then how everything is done around that, the colours and schemes of everything, are hopefully going to be a bit more dedicated to each race and the country and things like that."

Norris' lid for pre-season testing - his first "special of the year" - was designed around his basic scheme on a cameo base.

The 21-year-old explained that the design of his "glitch" helmet followed the same inspiration that was used to create his personal line of LN4 Glitch merchandise.

"This is just for testing in Bahrain, just a little something that everyone tends to do for the beginning of the season," he explained.

"It's kind of a camo effect. It's pretty cool and it goes with all my clothing as well."

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