Renault livery will change for 2016


Renault's RS16 will feature a different livery for the start of the 2016 season, the team has confirmed.

A launch livery was revealed during an event in Paris on Wednesday which was predominantly black with some yellow incorporated on the turning vanes and the inside edge of the front and rear wing endplates.

However, when asked if the livery would be the final one for the team this season, Renault Sport Racing president Jerome Stoll admitted it is only a testing design.

"It's black and this is the car that will be [testing] on the Barcelona track in two weeks time," Stoll said. "You can see how elegant the livery is.

"Will it be black in Melbourne? Guess... You are going to see the elegance of the livery will remain the same."

And on Twitter, when the Silverstone circuit asked for opinions on the black livery, Renault replied: "We'll be a different colour by the time we get to you!"

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