FIA plans on introducing head protection in 2017


The FIA plans to introduce additional head protection for F1 drivers from the 2017 season.

Following discussions with technical chiefs from teams at Heathrow last Friday, the FIA has approved the 'Halo' design concept put forward by Mercedes in an attempt to provide more head protection from large items of debris in accidents.

The BBC reports the FIA wants to introduce the concept in 2017, and is attempting to finalise the design with the teams to ensure the same structure is used on every car.

Grand Prix Drivers' Association chairman Alex Wurz welcomed the news and says the drivers are aware of the impact such a change could have on cockpit visibility.

"Obviously the drivers are happy that the technical team representatives agreed for the additional head protection to come in for 2017 following the drivers' recommendation and the FIA research," Wurz told the BBC.

"We will now enter the design phase, where the drivers need to be open to a slightly different visibility spectrum due to the additional structure. I am also curious as to how the teams will make the new solution look cool and fast."

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