F1 to unveil at Silverstone full-scale model of 2022 car


Formula 1 will unveil on Thursday at Silverstone a full-scale model of a 2022 Grand Prix car designed around the sport's all-new technical regulations.

Next season, Formula 1 will usher in a new era that will hopefully carry the sport into a prosperous future.

The raft of changes will include a return to ground-effect aerodynamics that will lead to less reliance on wings for downforce, a change that should allow cars to follow each other more closely which in turn should boost overtaking opportunities.

Team designers are also contending with a redefined front wing that will be made of a maximum of four elements overall, while the cars' rear wing should no longer feature endplates. Simplified suspension systems will also be the norm, while F1 will adopt 18-inch wheels.

To help fans visualize and understand the changes, a life-size 2022 F1 car will be rolled out at a dedicated launch event entitled 'F1 One Begins' during which fans will be taken on "a journey through the ages before arriving at the most futuristic racing car of all-time", according to Formula 1.

To support the dynamic launch event, a panel of experts will be on hand to talk through the 2022 car's revolutionary design and explain the thinking behind the changes.

F1 One Begins will be streamed on F1.com, the F1 YouTube channel and Facebook at 1500 BST/1400 UTC on Thursday July 15.

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