Schumacher 'never doubted' ability to perform in F1


Mick Schumacher says he never doubted his ability to perform in Formula 1 after achieving a career-best in qualifying on Saturday in Turkey.

The Haas driver clocked in P14 at the end of the tricky session, with the young German making the most of the partly damp conditions that prevailed in Q1.

Schumacher is struggling to perform in his rookie year at the wheel of his team's under par car. But the difficulties haven't eroded the 22-year-old's confidence in his talent and skills.

"I managed to really probably pull a good lap out of the hat, but I think it was never a concern from my side, really, that I was able to do that," Schumacher said.

"I've done it in other categories and I didn't really picture it being different in Formula 1, obviously knowing that it's hard because it's the top 20 [drivers] in the world. But still I never doubted my capabilities.

"On that side I'm very happy that I managed now, on top, to really show and also beat the others that were in Q1 or out in Q1 basically. And I feel that the trend is still on a very good slope and still going high.

"I feel, with every time I go out, I'm more and more comfortable, and obviously, I think I managed to reach a very nice lap and I think really got the joy for it. Now I'm just looking forward to racing."

Indeed, Schumacher loudly expressed his joy over radio when Haas race engineer Gary Gannon delivered the news of his safe passage into Q2.

"There was that one lap that we had left to try and make it," he explained.

"We knew we had the opportunity, because the lap before I think was not too bad and I think we were for some time in P15.

"I knew that there was still some time in it because I wasn't 100% happy with my lap before.

But then that one lap that I had, I think we really managed to get the most out of it. And obviously once we crossed the line and I heard Gary [Gannon] opened the radio and I heard the cheering in the background, obviously I knew that things were good and looked good.

"So I think overall very, very happy."

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