Ricciardo sheds light on scripted Hulu series on F1

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Daniel Ricciardo has offered some details on his involvement in the production of a scripted mini-series promoted by Hulu and set in the world of Formula 1.

The Disney streaming platform affiliate has put the project on its rails with the help of a group of production houses, but Ricciardo has been named as the executive producer of the series.

The McLaren driver says the production will resemble "Ballers or Entourage in the world of F1", the Aussie referencing the two popular comedy dramas that are set respectively in the world of the NFL and in Hollywood.

"I teamed up with Temple Hill, they know what they’re doing in that field so I’ve got my full trust in them," Ricciardo explained.

"I’m basically going to act as executive producer but try to steer the ship a little. It is fiction but I’ll try to give as much input that it stays on course and doesn’t go too far away where people are like ‘okay, this would never happen’.

"So I’m going to try and give the best advice I can when I can."

Ricciardo said the project is still in its early days

"We’re at the point of now just finding a writer," he added. "I don’t want to put pressure on the time thing but hopefully by the end of the summer that’s all established. Then it should be casting."

Contrary to what many initially believed, Ricciardo will not appear on-screen in the mini-series.

"I’m not planning to be in it," he said. "So it’s literally me from the outside or from afar. But if they need a good-looking stud to cameo…"

Finally, Ricciardo made clear that the project would not be competing for fans against a feature film on F1 currently in production, co-produced by Lewis Hamilton and starring Brad Pitt.

"If anyone is like thinking of it is as like competition or something, it’s not at all," he said.

"Obviously with what he’s doing, now the thing with Hulu with me and Netflix and all that and where the sport’s going, I think it’s actually cool that we’re using the pace of growth in Formula 1 to get into projects like this and push the sport out.

"So in a way, I see it as like we’re all supporting each other to support the sport."

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