FIA to impose 'more stringent' rollhoop measures for 2023

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The FIA will introduce for 2023 "more stringent measures" for rollhoops in Formula 1 following the recent crash suffered by Alfa Romeo's Zhou Guanyu at the British Grand Prix.

The rollhoop on Zhou's Alfa C42 collapsed on impact when the car overturned following a start-line contact with the Mercedes of George Russell at Silverstone.

The Chinese driver could fortunately rely on the integrity of his car's Halo to keep him protected during his impressive tumble.

In Thursday's Technical Advisory Committee meeting, the FIA revealed that it is currently working on a stronger measurement test to strengthen the resistance of F1's rollhoops, having "discussed the serious incident involving Zhou Guanyu at Silverstone".

"The teams confirmed their availability to introduce more stringent measures on the rollhoops for 2023, and the FIA undertook to complete the relevant analyses, and to communicate to the teams new requirements for the safety of the rollhoop."

F1 teams typically use a double concept rollhoop design that integrates with a car's chassis.

However, Alfa Romeo relies on a single-spike design on its C42, an option authorized by the FIA but which may be outlawed in the future if the governing body mandates the double rollhoop structure.

The FIA's approach to improving rollhoop strength could target more stringent load tests as well as
structural design changes.

The changes will take into account the findings from Alfa Romeo's investigation into Zhou's crash which the Swiss outfit is in the process of completing and sharing with the FIA.

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