Coulthard takes aim at Hamilton's social life

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Newly-appointed Channel 4 pundit David Coulthard believes Lewis Hamilton's glitzy social life could distract the Mercedes driver from his 2016 hat-trick title bid.

Hamilton has made his social and jet-setter life openly visible to everyone, using social media to prominently feature himself at parties and glamorous events while thoroughly remaining the man to beat in Grand Prix racing.

While admiring the reigning world champion's prowess in dealing so successfully with his professional career and social life, Coulthard also questions whether the latter could end up draining more energy than it instills to Hamilton.

"It seems crazy to question whether Lewis can win another title, given that he’s won the last two, but you have to ask where his energy is going," commented Coulthard.

"He splits his time between F1 and being a global star – the car and the music. We’re all waiting to see when the album will drop.

"There’s no question that Lewis is fit and focused when he’s at the racetrack. But he does have a full-on social life away from Grand Prix racing. We all know it’s not easy jumping on and off aircraft."

The 44-year-old former F1 driver also proclaimed himself fascinated by the fact that the intense battle between Hamilton and his Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg was being conducted by two rivals inspired by such opposing lifestyles.

"Nico is a family man, he’s got a young child, a dog, he’s going to spend his time going back and forwards to Monaco and Ibiza, wherever he spends his time.

"Which one is going to be the more successful? Clearly, Nico has been able to beat him, especially at the end of the season.Did Lewis mentally lift off? Is he only about championships?

"Or will he fight for every single victory. There are so many questions. That’s the thing."

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