Aim of F1 qualifying change was forgotten - Ecclestone

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Bernie Ecclestone says people forgot the main reason why F1 changed its qualifying format this season, following a u-turn ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix.

In February it was announced the qualifying format would change, with an elimination-style qualifying system introduced which would see drivers knocked out at regular intervals. The system proved unpopular with fans and teams alike, resulting in a political standoff as the teams wanted to revert to last year's system but the FIA and Ecclestone wanted a new proposal considered.

Eventually, Ecclestone and the FIA have conceded a return to the 2015 format is best, following a letter from the teams. However, Ecclestone says there was good reason for trying to tweak qualifying in the first place.

"People seem to forget what we are trying to do, which is muddle the grid up a little bit because what we have seen doesn't make for much excitement," Ecclestone told Autosport.

"Lewis [Hamilton] has helped us a bit this season by not making good starts and having to come through the field, and Ferrari finally seems to have got his act together, so maybe things will change.

"Unless we can get everybody on board with regard to a new format then we are not going to find an answer. It's as simple as that."


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