Marko blasts 'paranoid' Wolff for opposing 2017 rule changes

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Red Bull's Helmut Marko says Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is protecting the German manufacturer's superiority by advocating that rules remain unchanged for 2017.

Wolff believes Formula 1 would be wrong to pursue radical changes for next year after the first there races delivered much closer racing.

But Marko believes Mercedes change of stance is a mere tactic to protect itself.

"We have been very lucky to see very good races," the Austrian said in an interview with

"There were always people coming from behind that actually shouldn't have been behind."

"Except for Toto and the teams that must follow him due to their engine contracts, everyone is for a change. Even [Ferrari president] Sergio Marchionne agrees.

"Only Wolff has this paranoid fear that Mercedes will lose its superiority if you change even the smallest thing on the engine or chassis. Toto Wolff is doing everything he can to prevent any change."

In the light of collapsing TV ratings and global complaints from its fan base, the FIA and F1's power brokers have been devising a plan to level Grand Prix racing's playing field, with changes centered on delivering lap times that could be up to five seconds faster than they are now.

Marko believes that change has been put into motion and that its' too late to backtrack now.

"For us it is clear that the 2017 rules and the so-called 'McLaren package' are coming," he concluded, referring to a rules blueprint that was devised by McLaren.

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