Ricciardo feeling happy and reassured by Red Bull commitment

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As he heads into his Austrian Grand Prix weekend,  Daniel Ricciardo will be looking to improve on his relatively lackluster track record at the Red Bull Ring in the last two years.

With Red Bull's level of performance greatly improved this season, theAustralian's own prospects have also brightened, as well as his confidence in his team's ability to supply him with the proper car to fulfill his ambitions.

Despite a dismal 2015 year, for both team and driver, Ricciardo has been reassured this season by the Milton Keynes outfit's drive and display of commitment.

"Obviously for me as a driver but for everyone in the team, you don’t see anyone leaving, we’ve still got a very good unit of aerodynamicists and engineers, so that’s positive.

"I guess when people start looking [elsewhere] it’s like ‘Ok, they’re probably losing a bit of faith’, but everyone is staying.

"The likes of Adrian [Newey] and that, he still has a bit of time on his contract, so that’s good and you are starting to see it work now.

"Next year is going to be very interesting and hopefully it swings towards our favour. So it’s nice. This time a year ago it was not looking as positive, that’s for sure, but now it’s turned around which is good."

Asked whether he had ever questioned at one point his future at Red Bull, the ever-smiling Aussie admitted he did.

Sure, you do, you think long term as well. ’14 was a step down from where the team was in ’13, and then the first few races, even half a season, of ’15 was quite a significant step down.

"I don’t think we were close to the podium in the first few races at all. Then it was ‘if this trend continues, what’s it going to be like in 2016 and beyond that?’ So sure it does cross your mind, I think it’s natural.

"But I was very impressed with how, within the season, they turned it around -- between Silverstone and Budapest it was like bang and then we then showed the pace in some races from there. So that was good for everyone, I think we all needed it."

As he regained his footing this year, and indeed some proper momentum as Monaco demonstrated, Ricciardo is definitely feeling happier with his state of affairs.

"We’ve kicked off this year, it’s still been a little bit up and down but I know for a fact the car is better than last year, and we’re finding more with the engine.

"That’s all you can ask for, as long as you feel improvements you know you’re going in the right direction.

"I can feel the chassis is working and doing more of what I want it to do, so that’s positive, and then obviously it means that the aerodynamicists and everything are on to something …

"So then you just keep feeding them feedback and hopefully it keeps pushing in that direction, which is a better race car."

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