Verstappen labels fight with Raikonnen as fair

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Max Verstappen believes that the defending tactics he imposed upon Kimi Raikkonen in the later part of the Hungarian GP as the two fought for fourth  presented 'no issues' whatsoever.

Verstappen and Raikkonen enjoyed a monumental scrap for position, with the Finn often snapping at the heels of the young Dutchman only to find himself blocked by an unusually 'large' Red Bull.

At one point, the Ferrari driver jinked around the Red Bull and clipped its rear end, with chunks of the Ferrari's front wing flying off. Soon after, Raikkonen was on the radio to his team, complaining of Verstappen's incessant changes of direction, unimpressed by his opponent's tactics.

"You hear Kimi finally talking on the radio, that's good!" Verstappen sarcastically remarked after the race.

"No, I have no issues, I think everything was fair. I only moved once. Will be very strange if I get penalised I think."

On the move during which Raikkonen clipped the Red Bull, Verstappen said he had missed nothing of the action as he looked in his mirrors but defended his position accordingly.

"I could see him coming so he was very optimistic to dive to the inside, so I turned to the inside so he had to brake. He locked up and hit the rear of my car, my tyre, I don't know. That can happen."

Raikkonen begged to disagree however, venting his frustrations after the race, saying that "I've seen people penalised for much less, but let's see."

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