Spa officials step up Belgian GP security

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In the wake of recent terrorist events in Europe, Belgian Grand Prix organisers are putting fans security at the forefront of the August 28 event.

Race promoter André Maes said that ticket sales were up 25 percent from a year ago and that all grandstand seats had been sold out.

But the welcomed attendance increase - linked perhaps to Max Verstappen's popularity in Belgium as well as his home country's close proximity - has also encouraged Spa's organisers to step up security measures.

"Like all popular events that bring together tens of thousands of people, we have strict instructions relating to alert level three and the recent unfortunate events in our country and elsewhere," Maes said.

"After what happened in Nice (France), we have to separate pedestrian areas from vehicle traffic lanes, so we removed for example all of the shopping areas in front of the La Source (turn).

"We have committed a lot of additional controllers to inspect bags and refrigerated boxes, but also to do body searches if deemed necessary.

"We have received the backing of the army to help us ensure maximum safety at the site. For us, safety is a priority. The public can come without any fear."

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