Brawn better off with FIA than Liberty - Ecclestone

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As speculation continues regarding Ross Brawn's return to F1, Bernie Ecclestone has chimed in saying that Brawn would be better off accepting a role with the FIA rather than F1's new owners Liberty Media.

The rumor went in full spin earlier this week when German publication Auto Bild published a story claiming that Ross Brawn had signed on with Liberty for a prominent role at the helm of the sport.

Since, Brawn has denied the allegations to the BBC but did acknowledge that Liberty Media has contracted his services as a consultant to help the new owners better understand Formula 1.

While the former Benetton and Ferrari engineer and strategist admitted he was be keen on getting somehow involved in shaping the sport's future, once Liberty's takeover is completed, it would also all depend on what Bernie Ecclestone decides to do in the future.

The 86-year-old supremo told Autosport that he would welcome Brawn's  technical impetus but also believed his interests would be better served by a role with F1's governing body rather that with its commercial holder.

"I'd be delighted if he went to the FIA - he would be absolutely first class," Ecclestone told Autosport.

"I haven't spoken to him for quite a long time. I haven't got the slightest idea what he could do. But nothing with us. We don't need an engineer, or anybody like Ross's job."

Ecclestone said that speculation around Brawn signing a deal with Liberty was , at this stage, "a load of ballocks", insisting that Liberty had not yet taken control of the sport.

"Liberty Media are shareholders - Chase [Carey] has taken up Peter Brabeck's role as chairman, but they are not in control of the company," Ecclestone added.

"They have 10% of the company, and at the moment I am still chief executive of the company.

"It's the same company it's always been. If Liberty gains control then they are in a position to do whatever they want to do, which anybody that owns a company can do.

"But at the moment they don't own the company, so they are not in that position."

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