Fernley backs fifth engine on Fridays

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Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley has backed a proposal to allow teams to use a fifth engine this season to see more running on a Friday.

2015’s regulations saw the number of power units each driver could use in a season cut from five to four, and as a result teams have been saving on mileage during Friday practice. While Force India has been pushing for costs to be cut in F1, Fernley told F1i he believes the sport is doing the right thing by trying to address the lack of running early in the year.

“I think the key thing is we don’t want to see the show not be able to deliver on Fridays,” Fernley said. “So if it takes that to do it then I think now is the right time to be looking at it, not at the end of the season.

“So I think it’s the right thing to look at. Like everything, it needs to be proposed and put through in a proper manner because the key element is the Fridays and making sure that we deliver value for the spectators at the end of the day.”

Asked if he was concerned about an increase in costs as a result, Fernley replied: “That’s part of the process!”

Sauber's Monisha Kaltenborn has warned against teams having an ulterior motive when asking for a fifth engine.

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