Patrick Head blasts hopes of closer racing in 2017

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Former Williams tech boss Patrick Head has discredited those who penned Formula 1's regulation overhaul with the aim of generating closer racing.

Speaking Britain's Guardian newspaper, Head believes it will be the same old story in 2017, with the advantage still firmly entrenched in the camp of the rich teams.

"If anybody was thinking of these rules with the aim of closing the field up then they've got rocks in their head," explained Head.

"Any time you make significant changes the advantage will always go to the bigger teams - because they have more resources, they have more capability to parallel develop their existing car and work on design of their new car.

"When you have 750 employees or more against, say, Force India's 300, of course the bigger teams can do more. Any idea it will close the field up is nonsense."

Assessing the new rules, which theoretically underline the importance of aerodynamics, Head agrees however with those who believe that power output will remain a crucial element of performance.

"What makes the engine fractionally more important is that with more downforce, the percentage of the lap at which you are power limited rather than grip limited will be higher," Head added.

"So if you have that bit more power it will give a slight advantage."

At the end of the day, the former Williams engineer and headman doubts the rule change will benefit the racing.

"If they wanted a formula that allowed for more overtaking without using artificial aids like DRS then they needed to go for a formula that reduced downforce levels but they have gone in the opposite direction," he said.


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