Tech F1i: A visit to Renault at Enstone - The Operations Room


Fluid communication between those at the circuit and those at Enstone is essential. The intercom in the garage, on the pit wall and in the engineering office at the track is linked to the Operations Room.

The control center was first deployed in May 2017. The facility features six 75” screens, 24 work stations with double-screen 24” monitors and a high-tech communication system mirrored to that used at the track.

Over a race weekend, team members from VPG, race strategy, aerodynamics and IS are strategically placed into their working area to ensure the best level of communication between the right people.

"This facility allows us to work in exactly the same way they work at the track," adds Dyer.

"We have access to all of the same information and communication channels that the race team have at the track.

"We have a couple of screens with timing information (the same than the ones used at the track in the pitwall, in the garage). Next to that we have the video feed. On the very end screens, we have a number of webcams in the garage and in the engineers’ office at the racetrack.

"We also have the telemetry data from the cars in real time. Actually, the telemetry data that come from the car normally arrive here before the video images, because in the production of the video images at the track there are some delays built into the system that we don’t have in our own system.

"That is why we can see things happening on the telemetry before you see them on the TV."

Renault's communication systems are an intricate part of the link between the various crews working from Enstone or remote, but it's anything but chatter as relevant information is conveyed in a clear and concise manner.

"We use the intercom system for all our communications, even for the person sitting next to you, because we are connected at the track and at Viry as well (where they have ten seats).

"We have many channels, but the system is configured so that most people can hear the people they need to hear and talk to the persons they need to talk to. But nobody has everything.

"I can talk to the race engineers, to the performance engineers, to people on the pitwall, to the strategy people, etc., but the only two people I cannot talk to are the drivers. Just not to distract them, there are very few people who can talk to the drivers."

"Through all this information we have a good understanding and overview of what is happening on the track, in the office, in the garage. Friday is our biggest day."