Tech F1i: A visit to Renault at Enstone - The Operations Room


Seats in Renault's Operations Room are allocated to various groups or departments. While they perform their specific duties independently from each other, they still remain linked as the sum of their processing efforts will help ultimately optimize a car's performance.

"The front two rows on the left are people from my group. We are focused on the performance of the car," outlines Chris Dyer.

"We look at pretty much anything that is not engine or aero: suspension, brakes, tyres, drivers (working to help the drivers to improve their performance).

"The front two rows at the left are the aero group.

"The back row is the strategy group. The group is here all over the weekend whenever the cars are running. They follow not so much us, they instead spend a lot of time focussed on our competitors.

"That is because one of the important things for the planning of the race strategy is to understand not only our performance but also the performance of the people we are racing against.

"We need to have an idea of what strategies people are likely to be doing in the race, where they are strong, where they are weak, so that we can plan our strategy."