Tech F1i: A visit to Renault at Enstone - The Operations Room


In a sense, the engineers operating on site - in the Renault garage and on the team's pit wall - are both the first and last link in the chain.

They're on the front line, where all the data is collected. But they're also the recipients of the processed information that will forge and shape their decisions.

"We are all working to support the people at the track. At the end of the day, the majority of the key decisions are still made at the racetrack," says Dyer.

"We provide information to the people who make the decisions, and we offer our opinion but ultimately the decisions on car set up are normally made by the engineers running the cars.

"The final say on race strategy will be made by the head of strategy [Matthieu Dubois] who is usually at the track.

"While this facility is very important and really allows us to work in a better way, we still have to accept the fact that all the screens can go black and we don’t have communication with the track, so the track still needs to be able to function on their own.

Fortunately, a costly communication break-down with the crews at the track has never occurred at Renault.

"In almost two years now we have been running this facility, we have never had a situation where we have lost contact with the track", says Dyer.

"One of the advantages is that we have a lot more expertise in this building than at the racetrack. Most of the people who design the car are here in the factory. It is very efficient."

Tech F1i: A visit to Renault at Enstone