F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Japanese GP

Kimi Raikkonen (P14): 6.5/10
Even Kimi Raikkonen is struggling to wring any sort of life out of the Alfa Romeo at the moment. Just on the outskirts of the top ten in Friday's practice sessions, Raikkonen was oddly off the pace in qualifying and actually ended up two spots behind his team mate Antonio Giovinazzi on the grid. He then dropped a couple of spots at the start and subsequently struggled to find a good balance on the initial medium and hard compound tyres, which left him afflicted with chronic understeer. He finally found something more to his liking with a switch to soft tyres for the final 16 laps, but by then he had been lapped by the race leaders. For the remainder of the race he did a solid job of picking off fellow backmarkers including Giovinazzi and both Haas cars, but ultimately Kimi had no realistic chance of making it into the points whatever he did on Sunday.