F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Japanese GP

Lewis Hamilton (P3, Fastest lap, 16 pts): 8/10
With Ferrari in the ascendency and Mercedes somewhat on the ropes in recent races, Lewis Hamilton hasn't been a particularly happy bunny of late. This week he once again made his dissatisfaction with the team's race strategy known to anyone listening to the team radio. But realistically, third place was about as much as Hamilton could hope for or indeed deserved this weekend: he was second-best behind his team mate throughout Friday practice, while in qualifying they were both hustled off the front row of the grid by the super quick Ferraris. Like Valtteri Bottas, when it came to the race Hamilton tried to take advantage of particularly poor starts for Vettel and Leclerc only to ran out of room on the inside meaning he ended up nearly getting ambushed by Sainz into turn 1. With Bottas soon running away with the race at the front, Mercedes intelligently prioritised giving Hamilton the fastest car possible for the closing stages in the hope that he would be able to overtake Vettel on track for the team 1-2, but ultimately the Ferrari simply had too much straight line speed to make that possible. Even so, Hamilton did play a vital role in the weekend by picking up the fastest lap bonus point, which pushed the Silver Arrows over the top in terms of clinching their sixth consecutive constructors title.