F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2020 Tuscan GP

Carlos Sainz (Retired, Lap 6): 7/10
It was a short but eventful afternoon for Carlos Sainz at Mugello. After last weekend's podium triumph, McLaren came into the race worried that the MCL35 would not be as suited to this track as it had Monza, and that proved to be the case when Sainz wasn't fast enough to feature in the top ten in any of the three practice sessions. Somehow he managed to find something extra on Saturday afternoon and made it into the final pole shoot-out round (at the expense of his team mate) and he was relieved to qualify in ninth place on the grid. Unfortunately after that it was a case of being twice in the wrong place at the wrong time: the first was at the start of the race when he was tipped into a spin by Lance Stroll at the second corner, ending up with a secondary contact with Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari; and then getting caught up in that horrendous safety car restart accident. There was little he could do about either situation, so no blame is apportioned to Sainz.

Antonio Giovinazzi (Retired, Lap 6): 5.5/10
Alfa Romeo had a better time of it at Mugello than they did last week in Monza, but unfortunately Antonio Giovinazzi was another driver to suffer an early exit from the proceedings. Having survived the initial mêlée on the opening lap, he was up in 14th place for the restart when everything went horribly wrong and the Italian found himself in the middle of one of the biggest multi-car accidents of recent times. Giovinazzi was briefly tipped sideways into the air and was lucky to return to earth no worse for wear, although the same certainly can't be said for the wrecked C39. Given that his team mate Kimi Raikkonen finished in the points, the Italian can only wonder what might have been had he not been one of those involved. As it is, his performance in practice and qualifying was unremarkable and in line with the team's mediocre form so far in 2020, so there's not much we can find to justify adding any bonus points to his short Sunday outing.