Team Talk - Sunday in Azerbaijan

Toro Rosso


Carlos Sainz
“It’s been a bit of a difficult weekend overall, and even though we were doing a good recovery in today’s race, unfortunately a suspension issue ended my race. It’s a shame, because I had positive feelings in the car and our strategy and pace was looking decent… But I know it will get better soon! As a driver, when this sort of thing happens, all you can do is forget about it quickly and work hard for the next race. We have to remember that we’ve had very good momentum from Barcelona up until now, so this little hiccup won’t disturb me: it was just an unproductive weekend. There wasn’t much more I could’ve done from my side today and I’m still happy with my season so far. I look forward to the next race in Austria.”

Daniil Kvyat
“Quite a disappointing day, as I was only able to race for a few laps before retiring because of an issue with the rear suspension. The car became difficult to handle at the beginning of the race and even though we had quite a decent first lap, in the end we had to stop – it’s a real pity, but that’s life, this is part of racing. We need to investigate what happened and understand the issue, but we will definitely keep on pushing and fighting. We remain positive as the handling of the car has been very good this whole weekend, so the future looks promising and hopefully those enjoyable races will come soon. I will cancel today out of my mind and all we need to do is carry on working like we have done until yesterday, because everything was looking great before the race.”

Franz Tost, team principal
“First of all, I’d like to congratulate Baku for this fantastic race venue – it was a really positive surprise to come here and see how everything has been built up. It’s a beautiful city and the people have been very friendly, supporting us in every way. Therefore, I’d like to thank the organizers and people responsible for this, as well as Bernie, who decided to have this event on the calendar. From our side, unfortunately we did not show a good performance today. We didn’t finish with any of our two cars because of rear suspension problems. We will now have to wait to disassemble the cars to find out what the exact reason is, but it seems like the dampers got stuck, impeding the normal movement of the suspension. After performing well in qualifying yesterday, it’s a shame that Daniil’s race ended so early, as he could’ve put on a good show starting from sixth. Carlos showed a very good performance during the laps he was in the race and I think that he would’ve been able to score some points today. We now look forward to the next Grand Prix in Austria, a weekend which is always special for us as it’s Red Bull’s home.”