Grosjean sceptical about new start procedure restrictions

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Following the introduction by the FIA last week of a new technical directive destined to put race starts back in the drivers' hands by limiting aid and pit-to-car radio information, Lotus' Romain Grosjean doubts the change will have much of a bearing on drivers' starts.

The new driving aid ban shall be enforced at the Belgian Grand Prix, but Grosjean isn't expecting Grand Prix starts to become suddenly more spectacular.

"There is a procedure in F1 that you have to follow, and perhaps the only thing we can do is remove the last clutch and torque settings that we have," the Frenchman told

"But we will just make the range a bit wider and follow the same procedure. Everything is done manually from us, we have to follow procedures, so I don't think it will massively change if I wasn't give the last torque/clutch setting for the start."

William's Rob Smedley echoed Grosjean's disbelief the procedure change would lead to anything fundamentally different.

"I wouldn't have thought it will have a big effect. The biggest thing people will do is it could mean they get it horribly wrong. I don't think in the end it is going to make in the performance of the start a difference at all."

Grosjean also addressed the ramping radio ban restrictions which the FIA has also taken aim at in order to enhance a driver's role in the cockpit.

"There are still some safety radio messages that we need to get, like with the brakes when they are getting too hot and you have to be careful. But I don't think it will change our life, and I don't think it will change much for the show."

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