Verstappen keen to repeat Monaco highlights

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Max Verstappen is keen to repeat the impressive aspects of his Monaco debut at this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix.

On his first visit to Monaco to race in F1, Verstappen was second fastest during FP1 and pulled a number of impressive overtaking manoeuvres during the race before a heavy crash after contact with Romain Grosjean.

Asked if he is looking to do something special on a street circuit similar to Monaco, Verstappen replied: "For sure, maybe not in practice but hopefully in the race, so yeah I just build it up and I think it’s also about confidence and feeling with the car.

"If the car is in a good shape in practice and I’m feeling very confident then the lap is coming. But I can’t see that now and I can’t expect anything so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. If the car has a good balance, for sure it gives me more confidence and then for sure the lap times are better as well."

However, Verstappen admits he will be building himself up to qualifying in Singapore in a different way having been hit by power unit penalties at the last two races.

"If I compare my first weekend to now, I approach it in a complete different way, I mean you take the pressure a better way. You try and take a better approach to qualifying, of course the last two weekends I didn’t have a qualifying, but that will be a challenge again now.

"Normally we shouldn’t have any penalties here, we have to do a proper qualifying again, we have to get back into it. My last proper qualifying was before the break which was quite a while ago."

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