Ferrari left frustrated after troubled Canadian outing

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Ferrari suffered its worst result of 2017 so far, after both drivers lost ground at the start of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel dropped to the back after damaging his front wing after making contact with Max Verstappen's Red Bull's in the first corner. He managed to fight back to fourth place to limit the damage to his championship hopes, but that wasn't enough to cheer him up.

"I wanted to get a trophy," he said afterwards, sounding somewhat deflated despite his impressive comeback effort. "Didn't get one.

"We get the trophy right in front of us at the national anthem at the beginning of the race. 'Here's what you could get," basically.

"Obviously the beginning of the race didn't go our way, but I was still believing we could fight back and probably get a podium.

"In the end when I came back to that group I was fairly confident," he added. "But yeah, one lap short."

"It didn't just fall off! There was contact, but three cars in turn 1 doesn't work. I had a bit of poor position and I need to have a look, maybe I could have done better.

"I was stuck. With Lewis [Hamilton] in front I couldn't brake any deeper or I would push him off. Valtteri [Bottas] was on the left and Max suddenly appeared on the right. I think he saw his gap, which was fair enough.

"He ran over my front wing. You don't do that on purpose because the chance of a puncture is very high," he said. "In the end I was the one that had damage, which was a bit unfortunate."

Vettel's team mate Kimi Raikkonen also lost positions at the start of the race. However it was braking issues that really left him unable to fulfil his true potential in the race.

"A difficult first few laps," he agreed. "Not a very good start from us. Then just hard to get past."

Raikkonen found himself stuck behind the two Force India cars for the first stint. Ferrari responded by calling Raikkonen in for an early pit stop on lap 18.

"Once we changed our tactics a bit we actually had a good speed difference but then we had the brake issues so that's how it goes," he explained. "We had quite good speed after the pit stop and were just getting behind the cars in front when the brakes went.

"Obviously an unfortunate thing," he added after finishing the race in seventh place. "Not an easy day."

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