Kvyat thwarted by drive-thru and penalty points

Kvyat thwarted by drive-thru and penalty points
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Dany Kvyat found himself on the receiving of the stewards wrath after his opening lap collision with team mate Carlos Sainz.

The Toro Rosso pair were locked in a wheel to wheel battle heading into Maggots on lap 1, emerging side by side from Becketts with the Kvyat hitting Sainz and forcing the Spaniard into retirement on the spot.

The Russian continued his race but was hit with a drive-thru penalty for rejoining the circuit in an unsafe manner.

But that wasn't the end of it unfortunately for Kvyat who was also handed two penalty points on his superlicense, bringing his total to nine and three points short of a race ban. 

Kvyat vented his frustration over his team's radio, before later defending himself and explaining the circumstances.

"We went around Turn 11 and then obviously you get to the dirty line and have understeer into Turn 12," explained Kvyat who appears to believe that two cars going in to Becketts is always a good idea.

"Then the car comes with such massive speed and since you have the understeer and your team mate just doesn't see you and just comes across like that, and then you just crash."

Ultimately, the Russian was confounded by the fact that he was punished for what he appeared to think was a racing incident.

"My frustration is with the penalty," he added.

"The stewards say 'you race and you race' and then this thing happens. My race is damaged, his race is damaged and they penalise me. I don't know what they are looking for there."

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