Alonso criticism an encouragement for Honda

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Honda motorsport boss Yasuhisa Arai says the power unit manufacturer does not take Fernando Alonso’s criticism negatively.

McLaren chairman Ron Dennis was unhappy with Alonso’s comments during the Japanese Grand Prix, with Alonso having taken to team radio to complain the Honda was a “GP2 engine”. In Russia Alonso then claimed team radio messages should remain private to prevent such outbursts from being broadcast.

However, Arai told F1i he has no problem with such criticism, saying Alonso is a motivating figure for Honda.

“First of all, Fernando’s Suzuka’s comments were an encouragement for us,” Arai said, speaking via a translator. “So I don’t think badly about it, I don’t think negatively at all towards that. We just have to be better.”

And Arai says Alonso’s own performances on track give him the ability to make such comments.

“We cannot forget [in Sochi] he took the penalties and started 19th and finished 10th [before a post-race penalty], so that is just brilliant and I am happy to be able to work with him.”

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