Renault working to fix understeer issue for Canada

Carlos Sainz Junior (SPA), Renault

The Renault Sport F1 team believes that it has an answer to an understeer problem that has been plaguing the R.S.18 at high speeds.

The problem was particularly noticeable at last month's Spanish Grand Prix, and could be a factor again this week in Montreal.

But technical director Nick Chester says that the team has a possible solution that will put an end to the team's struggles.

"We struggle with a little bit of high-speed understeer," he said this week. "We know how to solve it, it's just a long development to get bits to the track.

"It's just waiting for the specific parts that are going to help us, and they're due around Montreal time."

Chester said that the problem had first arisen in pre-season testing at Barcelona. It had still been a factor when the team returned to the venue for the Spanish GP.

"We knew it would be a problem," he admitted. "We've got a few bits coming for that kind of circuit in the second half of the season."

Renault will also have a new-specification engine for the race, although now all the Renault-powered drivers on the grid will have the upgraded unit.

"There’s a B-spec engine for Canada and we’re looking forward to that," Chester confirmed. "It should bring a bit more performance.

"There are a few bodywork updates too with some rear wing end plates, as well as small changes to the front wing.

"We’re trying to bring things to the track at every race," he added.

All these improvements will be particularly welcome at the Circuit Gille Villeneuve this weekend.

"Canada is about power and traction," Chester explained. "You need a lower downforce set-up level, as you also need that straight-line speed.

"It’s very much a traction circuit, as there are quite a few slow corners and then some big long straights

"Striking a downforce balance can be quite difficult, but we’re usually pretty good at working out what level to run when we get there.

"Kerb riding too is important," he noted. "We need to get the car low and stiff to balance between the best aero and getting the car riding the kerbs.

"We need to optimise rideheights for the aero platform, so there is a balance to be struck between aero performance and getting the car riding the kerbs."

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