FIA rejects Ferrari's request for review - Hamilton win stands


Ferrari's request for a review of Sebastian Vettel's controversial Canadian Grand Prix penalty has been rejected by the FIA, a decision that confirms Lewis Hamilton's win in Montreal.

On Friday afternoon at Paul Ricard, Ferrari's sporting director Laurent Mekies set out to present to the stewards what he described as "overwhelming" new evidence which would justify a formal review of the incident between Vettel and Hamilton.

However, the stewards considered that Ferrari had offered "no significant and relevant new elements which were unavailable to the parties at the time of the competition concerned", thus dismissing a review.

Among the seven items presented by Ferrari was a video analysis done by Karun Chandhok and captured from Sky Sports F1, evidence the FIA considered as "not significant and relevant as this is a personal opinion by a third party".

Additional footage supplied by Ferrari, from the camera facing Vettel and provided by F1 Limited after the race, was considered new but not significant and relevant because "the evidence contained in this video footage can be seen within other available video".

Perhaps it was worth a try, but appears that Scuderia sporting director Laurent Mekies was sent home with his tail between his legs...

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