Hamilton breaks from F1 for 'real recovery', change of lifestyle

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Lewis Hamilton intends on changing his lifestyle during Formula 1's summer break, to ensure he comes back fully fit for what he feels will be a "much harder" second half of the season.

Hamilton's track record year-to-date is an impressive string of eight wins in twelve races that have delivered to the Mercedes driver a commanding 62-point lead over teammate Valtteri Bottas in the title fight.

However, Red Bull and Max Verstappen's trending form coupled with a bout of illness in Germany have convinced Hamilton to steer clear from his usual hyperactive, glitzy holiday routine and focus instead on restoring mind and body.

"In the past I went into the break 100% fit," said the five-time world champion.

"I am not in that place at the moment. I have been fit all year but I have to make sure I get my energy back.

"I am not the fittest I've been. I have been coming out of the sickness. It was not 'man flu', like some have said, it was something that really wiped me out," added the Hungarian Grand Prix winner.

"This break, I am really focused on recovery, real recovery, a bit of a change in my normal break, and really just trying to make sure I come back [as strong as possible]."

Hamilton admitted he was actually excited about undergoing a change of regime during the sport's three-week break.

"I will spend a lot of time with family," he said. "I am a night owl, and I tend not to sleep that much, and I want to shift that and see the sun rise, wherever I am.

"And I might try meditation, a few different things, a healthier lifestyle. My close friends will be doing the same, so I will be doing a lot more reading. I'm excited about it."


After contending with his teammate in the early part of the season, Hamilton broke free from Bottas' pressure to conquer four consecutive wins.

Despite securing two more wins in the last four races, Hamilton has been outscored by Verstappen during that period. And the Briton is expecting the Dutchman, Bottas and Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc to be snapping at his heels when everyone reconvenes at Spa at the end of the month.

"I truly think the second half of the season could be much harder for us," Hamilton said.

"We have a package and we just have to continue to turn up and deliver. I am looking forward to the journey.

"I really am happy especially after a period of time when everyone was so negative [about F1] and then we've had this big step up from the Red Bulls and we have a really good battle on our hands and it looks like it's here to stay.

"Ferrari will come back into play in places like Spa and Monza - they'll be quick on the straights and there are not a lot of corners. That bodes well for them.

"Red Bull have been doing great and it is awesome to see and I hope their performance continues."

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