Ricciardo blasts fans who cheered Hamilton crash at Spa


Daniel Ricciardo criticized the "fans" at Spa last weekend that mocked and cheered on Lewis Hamilton when the Mercedes driver crashed in FP3.

Hamilton dropped a rear wheel onto a kerb on the approach to Turn 13, lost control and veered off course and into the tyre wall, after which a loud wave of cheering emanated from a nearby grandstand.

The five-time world champion later reacted to the jeering, as well as to the tragedy that befell F2 racer Anthoine Hubert, stating on social media that fans don't appreciate enough the danger facing drivers.

Ricciardo - who admitted having struggled to race in the Belgian Grand Prix in the aftermath of Hubert's accident - looked back at the events that unfolded last weekend, thoroughly unimpressed with the fans' out-of-line reaction to Hamilton's off.

"Whether you like someone or not, it is not nice to cheer for someone's downfall or mistake," said the Aussie.

"He [Hamilton] thinks the crowd assume the crash happens and we are okay or whatever, and it is not like that.

"Every time we go on track there is a risk and every time we do hit a wall, whether we are okay or not, it still plays on your mind.

"Every time you go back to that corner, maybe there is something psychological there.

"So it does have an impact one way or the other, physically or mentally, and I guess that is where he was coming from with that."

The Renault driver said he was on the same page as Hamilton regarding the fans' lack of awareness when it comes to motorsport's perils, although Ricciardo showed a degree of leniency.

"I agree with him," he admitted. "But it is also so hard because the fans, unless you race and put yourself in that position, never experience what we do.

"It is the nature of being a fan of a sport you don't compete in. It is hard to grasp or understand.

"All we can ask for is that if you are a fan, then be a true fan and respect what we do, not only the skill but also the risk. That is probably all we can ask.

"I don't wish it upon anyone and I only knew it happened with Lewis because I read that he said it had," Ricciardo added.

"Having rivals and whatever, you don't have to like every driver... but to behave like that, you would expect it from kids but not adults. You would hope they would behave better."

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