FIA tightens scrutiny of engine oil consumption and ERS tricks

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The FIA has just published new technical directives ahead of the 2020 F1 season aimed at tightening the rules governing engine oil consumption and ERS power management.

The pair of new instructions are reportedly a direct result of the private agreement struck by F1's governing body with Ferrari following the former's investigation of the latter's controversial 2019 power unit.

The FIA will fit updated sensors to the power units used by front-running teams Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull that will measure the electrical power distribution of the energy recovered by an engine's ERS system.

Sensors will eventually be fitted to all cars as they become available.

The second technical directive will monitor an engine's oil consumption and ensure the latter does not breach the limit of 0.3litres/100km.

The FIA's monitoring efforts will be supported by the possibility of relying on new measurement and sealing procedures.

Ferrari's input in helping the FIA formulate its latest directives implies that they are not aimed directly at the Italian outfit.

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