Norris offers conditional support for F1 Sprint Race


McLaren's Lando Norris says he is open to the idea of a Sprint Race replacing qualifying on Saturday afternoon, as long as "the best guys are still coming out on top".

Formula 1's novel concept could be trialed this season at three races depending on the findings of a working group tasked with evaluating the costs and logistics of the initiative and on a vote cast by teams.

Norris' McLaren teammate Daniel Ricciardo weighed in on the idea earlier this week, and said that he would support a Sprint Race as long as the format wasn't "manipulated or artificial".

Norris echoed the Aussie's view, adding that he would be in favour of the concept as long as "the best guys and the best teams are still coming out on top".

"It’ll be interesting to do something maybe a little bit different, as long as it doesn’t interrupt the true, natural racing of Formula 1," the Briton told Radio BBC 5. "And that it doesn’t give people unnecessary advantages.

"And people who are not in deserved positions are suddenly a chance to score points, or people get benefits from it, or disadvantages from it.

"So as long as it’s thought out well, which I’m sure it will be, then I guess it is welcomed."

However, while open to F1 giving the Sprint Race idea a shot, Norris would prefer that the sport retain its traditional Saturday qualifying format.

"Trying it and trialling it to know if it’s a good thing is always very welcome, but I like how Formula 1 is now," said the McLaren driver.

"I like the way it’s set out, I like the build-up going into Sunday, the qualifying – it’s just the history, it’s how Formula 1 is, and I think it has a lot of heritage like that.

"So I hope it doesn’t change too much, but I don’t mind if they try something every now and then."

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