Steiner: It's 'the right time' for F1 to have three races in America

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Guenther Steiner, the team principal of the only American outfit racing in Formula 1, believes it's the right time for the sport to have three races in the U.S.

After sitting on its own on F1's calendar for ten years, Austin was joined this year by Miami while Las Vegas will take its place on Grand Prix racing's 24-race schedule from 2023.

The well-established commercial success of the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin at the Circuit of the Americas coupled with the outstanding ratings of Netflix's docu-series 'Drive to Survive' have generated in the past couple of years in America an unprecedented boom in interest in F1.

Formula 1 is opportunistically capitalizing on its gains in the U.S. and Steiner expects the sport to continue to ascend in North America in the future.

"I think obviously 24 races is a lot of races, but the demand is there," insists Steiner who has managed Haas since the team's arrival in F1 in 2016.

"The fans want to see what we are doing, which is the biggest compliment they can give us, and we need to work hard to make them happy.

"Three races in America, I think it comes at the right time. The sport is already popular and it’s getting even more so as we speak in America. More races are good."

The prospect of America hosting three races has led to fears that each race could take away attendance from the other. But so far that concern hasn't panned out, with ticket sales in Miami and Austin reaching healthy levels.

Steiner sees no issue with Las Vegas joining the party as the Haas boss believes that each event has its own identity.

"Each of these races has got their own little thing that stands out, they’re not a copycat of each other. I think it’s very good," added the Italian.

"America is a very big country, and they will not get in the way of each other. Two of the races I already know are very good and I think Las Vegas will put a good show on."

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