Renault learning from Red Bull's 'fantastic' structure

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Renault will take lessons from Red Bull's "fantastic" way of constantly evolving its structure as it looks to rebuild in the coming years.

That's the admission of Renault Sport F1 managing director Cyril Abiteboul, who is one of the key men leading Renault's return as a constructor this year. With Renault having been power unit supplier to Red Bull for a number of years, Abiteboul says the French manufacturer has understood how fluid it needs to be with the structure of the team to be successful.

"I think you are never really happy with your structure in F1," Abiteboul said. "For a big team you need a structure which is constantly adapting to cover your own shortfalls but also for the novelties of the sport.

"The one we observed at Red Bull was their capacity to grow, invest in new areas. We are not taking any new ideas from Red Bull but one thing is to see how they are managing their whole programme which is fantastic. The level they are into understanding and shaping the structure that is what we can take away from them and what we are doing in Enstone.

"There is no deadline for us to be with the final organisation, that will be a constant work in progress."

And Abiteboul says Renault's rivals should not write off the team's ability to catch-up quickly having already had a major involvement in F1.

"From half inside and outside of F1 it was not good for the marketing point of view but it was extremely comfortable from an operational standpoint. If we are coming back today it is not a coincidence, it is a result of a thinking process done internally.

"I would like to think we are coming into the sport not on the same level and information as a Volkswagen, for instance. Then it is about execution, not just analysing, as you need to produce and finance. We have all the right ingredients for the future."

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